Night Parrot Stories

In the remote deserts of Australia lives an elusive nocturnal bird called the Night Parrot. Virtually nothing is known of its ecology. It disappeared at the end of the 19th Century. Searching for evidence of its existence became a preoccupation. Night Parrot Stories was filmed in all the locations where Night Parrots once lived, during a time when stories of extinction were everywhere.


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Behind the Scenes


World Premiere – Something Somewhere Film Festival 2016

Finalist – Best Documentary Technology Science Environment – ATOM Awards 2016

Selected – Sydney Film Festival 2016

Selected – Environmental Film Festival 2016

Selected – Canberra International Film Festival 2016

Selected – Capricornia Film Awards 2016




Screening – Digital Ethnographic Research Centre 2017

Screening – Regent Cinema Albury 2016

Screening – National Film and Sound Archive 2016 


RealTime Arts

Thanks to RealTime Arts for this great review of ‘Night Parrot Stories’! We love their description of the film as “an experience that’s both intimate and curiously cinematic”. You can read the full review here.


The Guardian

Thank you to The Guardian for including ‘Night Parrot Stories’ in its list of the best films to stream in December 2017! The Guardian described the film as “personal, elusive and poetic”, and as “one of the most interesting and experimental Australian films of the past couple of years”. You can read the full review here.


Robert Nugent


Mitzi Goldman
Robert Nugent


Robert Nugent


Hilary Balmond

Sound Design

Sam Petty