Love and Sex
in an Age of

Pornography has moved from the brown paper bag to smartphones, computer screens, and popular culture. In the adolescent world of attraction, desire, exploration and love, internet porn is normalised, shared and imitated. Through candid interviews with young people and pornography industry professionals in Budapest and LA, Love And Sex In an Age Of Pornography documents the shifts in contemporary mainstream pornography and its influence on the sexual expectations and experiences of Australian young people.

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Produced by Looking Glass Pictures and Rendered Visible.

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Deakin University have released some educational support material which can be used in conjunction with the documentary.


Consultant Director

Mitzi Goldman


Maree Crabbe
David Corlett


Mitzi Goldman
Maree Crabbe
Dave Corlett

Consultant Editor

Andrea Lang

Director of Photography

Peter Holland (USA)
Nicola Daley (Australia)
Sandor Varkonyl (Hungary)
David Corlett (Australia)

Location Sound

Justin Gay (USA)
Mark Tarpey (Melbourne)
Philip Myer (Sydney)
Tamas Pechy (Hungary)